After Semeru Volcanic Eruption, Indah Still Afraid to Go Home

The Mount Semeru volcanic eruption on Saturday (12/11/2021) decimated Indah's house and shop. She is now staying at an evacuation center, too afraid to return home, fearing that another eruption might happen.

Indah (right) now stays at SMPN 2 Pasirian Evacuation Point. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LUMAJANG REGENCY – Nur Khoiroh, nicknamed Indah, was deeply when Mount Semeru spewed volcanic ash and hot clouds. The ash was so thick that everything became dark instantaneously. She also noticed the lahar flowing behind her house. She panicked but was unable to do anything at first.

“Volcanic ash suddenly fell from the volcano at 3 p.m. My house was covered in it, and everything immediately became dark. Because I am pregnant, I could not run and decided to stay at first,” said Indah who lived in Kebon Deli Village, Candipuro District, Lumajang Regency, Sunday (12/12/2021) yesterday.

When she realized that it’s not safe to stay, she and her family promptly fled to SMPN 2 Pasirian evacuation center where they are currently staying.

Indah’s house and shop were razed by the volcanic eruption. The shop serves as a side hustle for Indah who is a kindergarten teacher. In addition, she also makes snacks that she sells on consignment to several shops around her house. Her husband is a sand miner that sometimes supplies sand to as far as Pasuruan and Surabaya.

Now, the family depends on humanitarian aid. She is still too afraid to go back home, fearing that another eruption might happen again.

"I still hope for a new place to live. I am afraid to return home. I also wish to have access to business capital to rebuild my shop,” she wished. []