After Surgery, Hameeda's Happiness Slowly Returns

After Surgery, Hameeda's Happiness Slowly Returns

ACTNews, REYHANLI – Hameeda, the Syrian little girl to whom Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) gave medical aid was slowly recovering. She smiled brightly as ACT team brought her to an amusement park in Reyhanli, Turkey. Her beautiful face was glimmering with immense joy.

 She used to be a quiet girl who spent her days sitting alone on the front yard of her house watching her friends played. The five-year-old girl is now more cheerful as she enjoyed the rides in the amusement park with her sister Sema.

Everything was very different when ACT first met Hameeda and her family a few months ago.

When we met her in mid-June, her burns were still visible. She had been accidentally scalded with hot oil on almost half of her body.  

Since then, she had lost her cheerfulness. Her mother Ele felt a great sadness as she was not able to do anything to help her daughter. She only hoped that her daughter could be healed and regain her happiness. Such hope had inspired ACT team in Reyhanli to give her medical assistance.

Supported by the generosity of the people of Indonesia through crowdfunding site, ACT team took Hameeda to the hospital on their second visit. Hameeda received medical treatments in Reyhanli Government Hospital and Antakya Hospital until she was finally referred to Mustafa Kemal University hospital where she finally underwent surgery in late October.

Said Mukaffiy of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT added that ACT still regularly visit Hameeda’s house to provide psychosocial support to make sure that Hameeda will be both physically and psychologically recovered.

Due to the generosity of the Indonesians, Hameeda’s happiness is slowly reappearing. “Now, Hameeda is recovering. The surgery, medications and psychosocial support have slowly returned Hameeda’s happiness,” said Mukaffiy.

After a long wait for her daughter’s recovery, Ele can now be grateful because her dream of seeing her daughter regain her happiness finally came true. “Thank you ACT. Thank you Indonesia. Because of your aid, my daughter can be cheerful again,” said Ele. []



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