After Two Decades, Ar Rahman Mosque Now Has Sanitation Facilities

Since its establishment in 2000, Ar Rahman Mosque in Cipang Kiri Village did not have sanitation facilities. The congregants had to walk for 200 meters to perform ablution. The sanitation facilities from Global Wakaf-ACT ease the congregants to perform worship in the mosque.

Ar Rahman Mosque.
Ar Rahman Mosque congregants take a picture in front of the sanitation facilities constructed by Global Wakaf-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, ROKAN HULU – The building of Ar Rahman Mosque, Sei Talas Hamlet, Cipang Kiri Hulu Village, Rokan IV Koto District, Rokan Hulu Regency is very minimalist. The place for prayer that was built on the village’s land now finally has sanitation facilities for the congregants after 20 years of waiting.

Previously, Ar Rahman Mosque congregants had to walk for 200 meters to perform ablution in the nearest river. However, after Global Wakaf constructed toilets and an ablution place, they no longer have to walk that far.

Ahyar Kaprina from Global Wakaf-ACT Riau team said that since its establishment in 2000, the congregation of Ar Rahman Mosque had only relied on river water for ablution. This condition would be more difficult during the dry season when the river water recedes and the congregation has to walk further to find remaining water in the river.

Knowing that situation, Global Wakaf-ACT constructed sanitation facilities including Waqf Well, toilets, and an ablution place to ease the worship activities in Ar Rahman Mosque. This assistance is thanks to the commitment of generous benefactors in solving the community’s problems.

“They use the river water to perform ablution, urinate, or defecation. With the constructed sanitation facilities, they no longer have to walk to the river. They had been waiting for 20 years to have these facilities,” said Ahyar, Tuesday (7/27/2021).

Ahyar explained that the construction had started in early July. The Waqf Well is constructed in the form of a water pipeline from the river to the mosque. Therefore, the congregants can perform ablution in a closer and proper place.

“This assistance is expected to be a new water source for the residents, especially the mosque’s congregants since the Waqf Well is from the donated waqf from generous benefactors. It is very beneficial not only to one or two but many people,” said Ahyar.

Apart from Waqf Well, Global Wakaf-ACT also wants to provide business capital assistance for several residents to make a fish farm. Zainal, a resident of Sei Talas, thanked Global Wakaf-ACT for the carried-out programs in his area. “Alhamdulillah, thank you Global Wakaf-ACT for the Waqf Well construction. May Allah give his blessings to Global Wakaf-ACT and the benefactors,” he said.[]