Ahead of Ramadan, Waqf Drinking Water is Ready in Mosque in Tasikmalaya

ACT continues to expand the kindness of Ramadan Food Alms Movement. In Tasikmalaya, this movement was targeting dozens of mosques.

Distribution of Waqf Drinking Water at a mosque in Tasikmalaya. This is a part of Ramadan Food Alms Movement. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – A few days before Ramadan, Aksi Cepat Tanggap continues to expand the goodness of Ramadan Food Alms Movement. The Food package distribution from benefactors was kindly welcomed. Various beneficiaries received this assistance, from security officers to underprivileged people who need food assistance.

Tasikmalaya was one of the regions where massive food distributions have been carried out. In this southern city of West Java, food packages have been handed over to mosques that accommodate many worshippers. As of now, 70 mosques have received food assistance in the form of Waqf Drinking Water.

“Hundreds of boxes of drinking water produced as a result of waqf fund management have been distributed in Tasikmalaya and its surroundings. Worshippers can enjoy Waqf Drinking Water especially in the blessed month because the mosque will be busier than usual,” explained Fauzi Rizki Pratama from ACT Tasikmalaya program team, Thursday (4/8/2021).

Endang, one of the caretakers of At-Thohiriyah Mosque, Cihideung, Tasikmalaya City, who received Waqf Drinking Water, expressed his gratitude for the assistance. He also hoped that this activity would continue and expand. “This Waqf Drinking Water is very useful for community activities such as Quran recitation. Hopefully, the blessing can flow to all of us,” he said.

Ramadan Food Alms Movement initiated by ACT aimed to solve the food problems, especially in Ramadan. This movement engaged many people to spread kindness. Through the best alms, later, the food problems will be resolved through the distribution of food packages.

Head of ACT Tasikmalaya, Taufik Perdana, said that Ramadan Food Alms Movement would continue until the end of Ramadan. This act of kindness is expected to be able to mobilize other acts of kindness to solve food problems during Ramadan. 

“Food packages from Ramadan Food Alms Movement aims not only to fulfill food needs, but also to spread Islam that embodies kindness for others,” said Taufik.[]