Aid from Indonesia Warms up Ramadan in Mongolia

For poor families in Ölgii, warmth is a luxury

ACTNews, ÖLGII – The coal-carrying truck had just arrived in front of As-Salam Mosque, one of the mosques that belong to The Mongolian Islamic Religious Association Muftiat. On Wednesday (5/15), some of the total 220 tons of coal was given to support the activities of the association that manages mosques, schools, boarding houses and the association’s office. Since Saturday (5/11), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has distributed coal funded by the donations from the people of Indonesia to a number of poor families, schools and mosques in Ölgii in Bayan Ölgii Province, Mongolia.

The chairman of the association, Azatkhan Mukhan (56) said that the prolonged winter has become a challenge for them. For none months, winter has covered Mongolia. Without proper heating, the cold really makes it difficult for them to do their activities, especially during the month of Ramadan.

“This aid is extremely beneficial for us, for the worshippers who pray in the mosque, and for the students who study in the schools. We thank you for this fuel aid. As mentioned in the Quran, Muslims must help each other. We pray for all Muslims around the world,” said Mukhan to local ACT volunteers in Mongolia.

The temperature in Mongolia is often too freezing to bear despite the beautiful scenery in winter. The temperature can plummet up to minus 22 degree Celsius in December. In April-May, the lowest temperature can hit minus 12 degree Celsius.

Apart from the mosque, the warmth also filled the house of Asmara Kushai’s family. She had just lit the only heater in the room. The mother of three was among the beneficiaries of the coal distribution. As the heat slowly spread through the room, Kushai feels happy to be able to make her family warm. For the economically underprivileged families in Ölgii, they are often unable to afford fuels for their heaters, making warmth a luxury.

Kushai expressed her gratefulness. “I am a housewife with a husband that has been sick for ten years. I thank Muslims all around the world for their support,” she said. Her family has been living in a difficult economic condition. The coal aid that she received meant so much for her and her family.

Sucita Ramadinda of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – Aksi Cepat Tanggap reported that coal is among the essential needs in Mongolia during winter. This year, the coal aid for Mongolia benefits 1,890 individuals. “The distribution took place from Saturday (5/11) to Wednesday (5/15). The coal aid from the people of Indonesia will be sufficient for the next 25 days. Hence, for the month of May, the last winter month in Mongolia, we have covered their need for coals,” said Ramadinda, Thursday (5/16). Previously, the coal distributions have also been conducted in late 2018 and late 2019. []