Aid Trucks for Semeru Victims Dispatched by ACT Tasikmalaya City and Regency, ACT Yogyakarta

Almost two weeks past the volcanic eruption of Mount Semeru, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues to deliver aid to the evacuees. From several ACT branch offices, aid trucks have been dispatched to locations affected by the eruption.

aid trucks
Aid convoy on their road to East Java (ACTNews/Ahmad Kamil)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA CITY, TASIKMALAYA REGENCY, SPECIAL REGION OF YOGYAKARTA –This week, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continued to dispatch aid convoys from several ACT branch offices.

From the branch office of both ACT Tasikmalaya City and Regency, aid trucks were dispatched. "Alhamdulillah, today we sent approximately five tons of aid packages which we collected together in one week. Thank you to everyone who has participated. May Allah accept your good deeds,” said ACT Tasikmalaya City Branch Manager Taufik Perdana.

The departure of the aid convoy is part of the aid delivery from 21 ACT branch offices in West Java that began on Monday (12/13/2021).  

On the same day, five tons of aid also came from ACT, Tasikmalaya Regency. "Of course this is the result of prayers and support from the donors especially partners who have supported us. So, thank God, we were able to collect approximately five tons of aid, and we immediately sent them,” said ACT Tasikmalaya Regency Branch Manager Asep Rosidin.

The dispatch of the aid convoy from ACT Tasikmalaya Regency to Lumajang Regency. (ACTNews/Angga Rizqiatama)

Not only from West Java, ACT’s aid convoy was also dispatched from 072 “Pamungkas” Military Area Command headquarters in Gondomanan District, Yogyakarta City, Friday (12/10/2021). A total of six trucks were dispatched to Lumajang Regency.

“Thank you to Universitas Islam Indonesia for donating two trucks worth of aid, as well as other generous partners such as JNE Yogyakarta, Paradise Batik, Aparture Indonesia, Hiswana Migas, and all benefactors who have entrusted their donations through ACT. Five aid trucks from the people of Yogyakarta and another truck from other ACT branch offices have been immediately dispatched to the disaster survivors near Mount Semeru,” said ACT Special Region of Yogyakarta Branch Manager Nur Aries Shoim.

The Commander of 072 “Pamungkas” Military Area Command Brigadier General Afianto expressed his pride to ACT and the people of Yogyakarta who has raised donations to help those affected. "This is a form of concern and empathy shown by the people of Yogyakarta to their brothers and sisters there," he said.

During the dispatch of the aid convoy, the Deputy Mayor of Yogyakarta City, Drs. Heroe Poerwadi, MA thanked all those who had been involved in sending this aid. "We pray that the journey to Lumajang Regency, East Java, will be smooth" Heroe hoped.

Based on ACT’s Emergency Response’s report, as of Tuesday (12/14/2021), 6,500 were displaced, 43 were killed, and 13 went missing as a result of the volcanic eruption of Mount Semeru earlier this month. A total of 32 people suffered from major injuries while 82 people suffered from minor injuries. []