Airstrikes in Damascus Hasn’t Stopped

Airstrikes in Damascus Hasn’t Stopped

ACTNews, DAMASCUS – For the last past months, the storm has calmed down in Aleppo. The city finally had an epilogue: a ghost town in rubbles, left by people who were unsure of their future. Half of Aleppo no longer breathes. Nights spent in fear finally ended. No airstrike attacks Aleppo. Yet, Syria is not only Aleppo.

Syria is still on fire. Conflict keeps escalating, each parties do not know the ego they stay with fuels Syrian tension. It does not matter who fights whom: conflict in Syria still goes on.

On Friday (14/7), at least 10 people were buried dead in dwelling ruins in Ein Tarma, an area controlled by opposition in East Damascus. The apartment building collapsed after a lethal airstrike blasted it on Friday noon. According to a report of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), two children were among the fatalities.

This airstrike attacked a settlement, allegedly an opposition base. On maps, Ein Tarma is the outskirt of Damascus, a part of Eastern Ghouta region. Since 2013, this city has been besieged under Syrian government military.

Al Jazeera wrote that Eastern Ghouta was located around 15 kms from the farthest line of Damascus. Syrian government put this region as the circle of opposition bases. Numerous airstrikes have hit settlements surrounding this area.

The airstrikes have not stopped for a week now.

Anybody capable of empathy must have known that airstrikes against non-combatant cannot be justified. Years have passed, and still attack after attack flattens out the roofs of innocent people.

More than airstrikes, Eastern Ghouta has been in total blockade since 2013. Syrian government denies anybody from entering East Damascus, even for just food distribution.

Since then, Eastern Ghouta have become the target of heavy artillery shots and Russian and Syrian rockets. Airstrikes above Eastern Ghouta also target markets, schools, and hospitals.

A dark memory rewinded, a warning given, that Syria has been suffering from six years conflict. WHO projected that the conflict has killed more than 320.000 people. All of whom are humans, all of whom are our brothers and sisters. []


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