Airstrikes Leave Gazan Families Mourning

Airstrikes Leave Gazan Families Mourning

ACTNews, GAZA – Rasha Abu Arar could only weep over her one-year-old child Seba. Seba was one of the casualties caused by the Israeli airstrikes launched ahead of Ramadan. Her house in Gaza was also destroyed.

Rasha wiped off the tears as she mourned over her loved one. The 27-year-old woman’s hand was wounded after being hit by a piece of shrapnel. "Me, my cousins and their children were sitting in the house when suddenly a rocket fell on us," a pregnant Rasha told Al Jazeera.

Rasha’s daughter, Rafeef, was also wounded by the airstrikes that hit the besieged area. The three-year-old girl was treated in the ICU amidst the difficult condition faced by the health facilities in Gaza.

 Apart from Seba, Rasha also lost another relative. Seba’s aunt, Falisteen Abu Arar died from a piece of shrapnel that hit her neck. "My heart is bleeding over her orphaned kids. They are very young. How would they continue their life without their mother," said Falisteen's mother, Fatma.

Falisteen and Seba were two of the 24 casualties caused by the Israeli airstrikes that hit Gaza.

One of the Gazans that does not want to be identified told Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) that Israel attacked settlement areas and playgrounds in the morning. Consequently, many people were killed and wounded by the shrapnel or the collapsing buildings. “We will remain steadfast and will stay in our land (Palestine) regardless of what Israel does,” he said, Monday (5/6).

Apart from houses, Israel’s rockets also hit streets that are filled with shoppers preparing for the month of Ramadan.

The Gaza Strip is home to two million Palestinians. Located close to the sea, around four thousands of its residents work as fishermen despite restricting policies imposed by Israel. The ongoing blockade has also prevented goods from entering Gaza. Poverty is also a problem in Gaza with 52 percent of its residents unemployed. []