Aisiyah Born Prematurely; Her Mother Died of Covid-19

Aisiyah was born prematurely in an effort to save her life when her mother was in critical condition due to Covid-19. Her weight was only one kilogram when she was born.

Aisyah is held by her aunt. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MADIUN – Many people lost their loved ones during the pandemic due to Covid-19, including children whose parents died from the disease. At a young age, they become deprived of their parents' love and affection.

One of the children who have to deal with such calamity was Aisiyah who was born prematurely in an effort to save her life when her mother was in a critical condition. Aisiyah's mother passed away, and she is now cared for by her late mother's older sister. Aferu Fajar of ACT Madiun Program Team said a C-Section had to be performed when Aisiyah's mother was eight months pregnant to save her life. At birth, she weighed only one kilogram.

“Currently, Aisiyah is being cared for by her late mother's older sister because her mother had passed away. The other family members are tested positive for Covid-19," said Fajar, Monday (7/12/2021).

Fajar continues, Aisiyah's conditions have improved. She has gained weight and is in a good health. However, she has no one to breastfeed her and has to drink baby formula.

“Even though she is getting better, Aisiyah has no one to breastfeed her. For this reason, ACT Madiun sent baby formula, Monday (7/12/2021). She never saw her mother who passed away to give birth to her. Her mother was willing to sacrifice her life,” explained Fajar.

Fajar hopes that the baby formula will support Aisiyah's growrh. Hopefully, she will grow as a pious child and be useful for the nation. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Fajar invites benefactors to be aware of the spread of Covid-19 and follow the health protocols.

"Don't let other children suffer the same fate as Aisiyah does. Let's help people with financial difficulties and poor families who are self-isolating," he said. []