Akit Tribespeople Need Quran Copies to Learn Islam

Many of the Akit tribespeople who live on the outer islands of the Riau Archipelago have embraced Islam. They wish to learn their new religion by learning the Quran. Unfortunately, not everyone has their own Quran copies.

The children of the Akit Tribe on Penyalai Island reading the Quran. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PELALAWAN REGENCY - Some of the Akit tribespeople living on the outer islands of Riau Archipelago have converted to Islam. They are learning their religion by studying how to read and write the Quran. However, not everyone has their own Quran copy.

ACT Riau Program Coordinator Benny Andrizal said that at least 5,000 Quran copies were needed to be distributed to the converts and Muslim families on the outer islands of Riau Archipelago.

The Akit tribespeople who converted to Islam live not only on Penyalai Island, but also on other islands, including Rangsang Island, Tebing Tinggi, Merbau, and Padang Island in Riau Archipelago.

"Many of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Penyalai Island still do not have their own Quran copies," said Benny, Tuesday (10/27).

Benny added, many of these new converts are also very enthusiastic to memorize the Quran. Benny invited the community to donate to provide Quran copies for the new converts through the following link: http://bit.ly/WakafQuranSukuAkit or by donating directly to ACT Riau Branch Office on Jalan HR, Soebrantas, Tobek Gadang Village, Tampan, Pekanbaru. []