Al-Ishlah Hidayatullah Students Grateful for The Rice Aid

The students were happy when the ACT Tegal team arrived to distribute rice. This Rice Aid was part of the BERISI program.

Al-Ishlah Hidayatullah Students Grateful for The Rice Aid' photo
ACT Tegal Branch Manager Siswartono (right) handing over rice to a student of Al-Ishlah Hidayatullah Boarding School (left), Tuesday (10/31) (ACTNews/Adi Y.)

ACTNews, TEGAL – The faces of the students shone beautifully when they took a picture with the ACT Tegal team, Thursday (10/31). They are the students of Al Ishlah Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School, Dampyak Village, Kramat Subdistrict, Tegal. Their radiant faces welcomed Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Tegal team when they arrived at the pesantren to distribute rice.

This rice distribution was part of the Rice for Indonesian Santris (BERISI) program. This program was launched by ACT on October 22 during the National Santri Day 2019. BERISI shows ACT’s appreciation for the santris, especially those who are in dire need, who have dedicated themselves to learning religious knowledge.

ACT Tegal Branch Manager Siswartono said, students are the future generation of the nation who will also fight for Islam. Their learning process needs to be supported, including by providing food for these students. Therefore, ACT through its BERISI program distributes rice to them as a form of support to keep the students’ enthusiasm. "Since the National Santri Day, ACT has distributed rice to various pesantrens across the country," Siswartono said, Thursday (10/31).

The students of Al Ishlah Hidayatullah Islamic Boarding School Tegal posing for a picture together during the Rice distribution on Thursday (10/31). (ACTNews / Adi Y.)

Al Ishlah Islamic Boarding School Hidayatullah does not charge tuition fees for its students. Their parents do not need to pay even for the students’ daily needs. These students come from underprivileged families from Tegal and surrounding areas.

Ustaz Hasan, one of the teachers at the pesantren said that, although the students came from underprivileged families, they are very enthusiastic to seek religious knowledge. The rice aid from ACT was very helpful for the pesantren, especially for the fulfillment of the students' food. "Thank you for helping us. This is a wonderful form of appreciation from ACT to the pesantren," he said. []


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