Al-Lail Program Makes Takjil Sellers Happy Around Balikpapan City

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) East Kalimantan purchased takjil dishes throughout Balikpapan City under the Aksi Larisin Pedagang Takjil (Buys Up Takjil Merchandise) Al-Lail program.

Al-Lail program
Al-Lail program is a development of the Aksi Kamis Dagangan Habis (AKIDAH). (ACTNews/Dimas).

ACTNews, BALIKPAPAN – Ramadan snacks, also known as takjil, enliven Ramadan every year. Especially when it comes to breaking the fast. Some takjil stalls are popular, while others are not.

One of Ramadan's perks is to provide benefits for those who own home-based enterprises. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) East Kalimatan promoted this benefit to carried out Aksi Larisin Penjual Takjil (Buys Up Takjil Merchandise) Al-Lail program throughout Balikpapan City on Tuesday (4/5/2022).

Jari, who sells mung bean porridge, has just been doing so for four months. Jari has two dependents: a child and a wife. This Al-Lail program suited him well.

"Alhamdulillah, at the beginning of this Ramadan, I received sustenance from Allah. Hopefully, this assistance can be useful and be a blessing for my family. Thanks to ACT and donors who still care about small traders like us," said Jari.

ACT also bought up the merchandise of Zaenal Abidin, a seller of es campur (mixed shave ice dessert) and dawet (Indonesia traditional dessert). Zaenal has been selling for about fifteen years. Ramadan is a great time to increase sales.

The Al-Lail initiative evolved from Aksi Kamis Dagangan Habis (AKIDAH) program, which previously purchased MSME goods in need. "Hopefully, now that we have purchased Pak Jari and Pak Zaenal's merchandise, other Generous Friends will be inspired to buy up takjil merchandise during Ramadan," said Budi Cahyanto of the Global Wakaf Program Team-ACT East Kalimantan. []