Alias Wants to Keep Reciting Adhan in Air Abik Hamlet

For years, Alias has become a muezzin in Nurul Huda Mosque, Air Abik Hamlet, Gunung Muda, Belinyu, Bangka. He recites Adhan in order to spread the greatness of Islam across the country.

Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preacher.
Handover of financial assistance from Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preacher to Alias, a preacher from Air Abik, Bangka. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANGKA REGENCY – Preachers in remote areas of the country must have their own inspirational stories which have been told many times to ACTNews team from preachers in various regions. This time, another inspirational story came from Alias who serves in Air Abik Hamlet, Gunung Muda, Belinyu, Bangka Regency as a committee of Nurul Huda Mosque.

Since the mosque was built in 2018, Alias who is oftentimes addressed as Haji Alias by surrounding people has been reciting Adhan for the five-time prayers in Nurul Huda Mosque. Alias does the activity sincerely. For him, calling for five-time prayers is an obligation so that people can remember the prayer times.

“Although sometimes, there are only a few congregants, I endeavor to keep reciting Adhan in this mosque,” said Alias in mid-August.

In addition to becoming a muezzin in Nurul Huda Mosque, Alias also regularly cleans the mosque before and after praying time. This activity also inspires other congregants to jointly clean the mosque.

Alias’ struggle in spreading Islam has brought Global Zakat-ACT and ACTNews team to visit him and deliver support from benefactors through Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers program. Raffles from Global Zakat-ACT Bangka Program team explains that Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers is a program to appreciate preachers across the country including Alias.

“This program is an effort to assist the preachers’ struggle across the country,” he explained.[]