Alleviating Bantul Landslide Victims Ahead of Ramadan

Alleviating Bantul Landslide Victims Ahead of Ramadan

ACTNews, BANTUL – Deep sorrow felt by the victims of the landslide in Bantul Regency has not fully alleviated. Those who lost their houses are still staying in their relatives’. The upcoming Ramadan 1440 AH will feel very different to them.

Atun (45) was among the survivors of the landslide. Unfortunately, she lost her mother and her house during the landslide that hit after heavy rains fell on Bantul and its surrounding areas in March. Saddened after losing her house and her beloved, Atun had not thought about preparing any food for the next Ramadan.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Yogyakarta visited Bantul on Friday (5/3) in an effort to heal the sadness of the victims. They came not to evacuate the victims, but to distribute food packages to fulfill their needs in the month of Ramadan. Program Coordinator of ACT Yogyakarta, Kharis Pradana, said that the food packages were distributed to the landslide victims for them to welcome Ramadan. “Dozens of food packages were distributed with the help of volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Yogyakarta,” he explained.

The food packages were distributed to the victims in Kedung Buweng Hamlet in Wukisari Village, East Imogoro, Bantul. This hamlet was among the areas hit by the landslide last March. To date, many of the residents are still traumatized after the landslide. “The Ramadan Food Packages that consist of foodstuffs will hopefully be able to support their fasting, especially after such devastating disaster,” added Pradana.

In Kedung Buweng, two bodies were found on Wednesday (3/20) after they had been declared missing. The thick debris had made it difficult to evacuate them. After the two bodies were found, the evacuation process was immediately stopped because all of the missing victims had been found. []