Alleviating the Problem of Water Scarcity in Kalisalak Hamlet

The water in Kalisalak Hamlet of Sukawana Village, Serang District, Serang City is brackish and prone to drying out. The locals have had difficulties finding clean water. Sometimes they just wait for water assistance from local agencies.

The residents of Kalisalak Hamlet use the Waqf Well for wudu. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SERANG - Sukawana Village, Serang District is located in a lowland area. The soil is mostly dry and clayey. “It doesn’t take a deep well to obtain the groundwater. With a well less than 15-meter deep, we can get clean water. However, it usually dries out easily during dry season. If we dig the well deeper than 50 meters, the water is usually brackish,” said Moch Nurul Ramadhan from Global Wakaf - ACT.

Due to the lack of water, they often have to wait for water deliveries from the Regional Drinking Water Company (PDAM) or Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD). Also, not all of them have their own toilets. Those who do not have toilets at home often have to go to the mosque to use toilets.

"Considering that this village often experiences water crisis, efforts are made to drill deep wells to reach the groundwater reserves to make sure there will be sufficient water, "said Nurul.

Global Wakaf - ACT built a Waqf Well for local residents. The well, which is targeted to meet the needs of 225 families, has been completed and can be used since Saturday (11/24).

"The construction of the borehole well whose depth reaches over 100 meters is expected to meet the locals’ need for clean water. If we dig less than 100 meters, the water will be brackish. We have precisely calculated the location of the waqf well to make sure that the well can yield a maximum amount of water,” said Nurul.

Siti, one of the residents, expressed her gratefulness for the waqf well. Previously, she admitted that it was difficult for her to get access to clean water. "I am happy and grateful. It was difficult for us to get clean water. The river from which we take water is located quite far away. This Waqf Well, which is located close to us, is very helpful," said Siti.

Nurul also expressed his gratitude to the waqf donors who have entrusted their best waqf through Global Wakaf - ACT. "We hope to be able to spread the benefits of the Waqf Well again in areas where there is an urgent need for clean water in Indonesia. At the same time, we are inviting the community to participate in this program through the Indonesia Dermawan website or direct transfers to the BNI Syariah account at 66 00000 958 in the name of the Global Wakaf Foundation," said Nurul. []