Allowance for Dedicated Teachers in Padang

ACT West Sumatra commemorated National Teachers' Day by distributing teachers' allowance for poor honorary teachers who have dedicated themselves for 10 ten years.

Allowance for Dedicated Teachers in Padang' photo
Handover of the teachers' allowance to one of the beneficiaries. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PADANG – During the commemoration of the National Teachers’ Day at the Imam Bonjol Field in Padang, Monday (11/25), ACT West Sumatra gave teachers’ allowance to three teachers from Padang as an implementation of the Sahabat Guru Indonesia (Teachers’ Friends Indonesia) program which was launched last on November 25.

The three teachers were Chica Gusmarini (a teacher from State Elementary School 13 Kuranji, Aria Yulia Sari (a teacher from State Elementary School 12 Pasar Teluk Kabung), and Windi Trisna Hardiyanti (a teacher from Statel Junior High School 17 Padang). Three of them have devoted themselves as teachers for more than 10 years. However, their status is still honorary with a salary of IDR 500,000 per month.

Padang Mayor Mahyeldi Ansharullah thanked and appreciated ACT for this teachers’ allowance distribution that can ease the burden on the teachers, especially those living in poverty. Mahyeldi also invited the wider community to take part in building the quality of life and economy of teachers. "Teachers will continue enlightening this nation," he said, Monday (11/25).

The Teachers’ Day in Padang was commemorated in Padang by holding a ceremony attended by hundreds of teachers and Padang City Government officials.

Three teachers (from right to left) received allowance through ACT’s Sahabat Guru Indonesia program on Monday (11/25). (ACTNews)

ACT Padang Branch Manager Zeng Welf said, the allowance from the Sahabat Guru Indonesia program is a form of Global Zakat-ACT’s appreciation for teachers who have dedicated themselves in improving education in Indonesia. Many of them only receive small salary that were paid irregularly.

"The granting of teachers’ allowance for teachers in West Sumatra will continue. We also invite the community to play a role in advancing the teacher's economy because, after all, we won’t succeed without our teachers," said Zeng. []


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