Allowance to Uplift the Teachers on Alor Island

A total of 13 teachers from several schools on Alor Island received teachers’ allowance from Global Zakat-ACT. This program aims to support the needs of the dedicated teachers in remote areas, so that they continue providing the best education for their students.

ACTNews, ALOR - Dedicating one’s life as a teacher is not exactly an easy thing to do, especially for honorary teachers who work in remote parts of Indonesia. They carry out a difficult task to continue advancing education in this country. They have to face several challenges, such as the difficulty to access the schools, inadequate school facilities, and the minimum income of the teachers.

Global Zakat-ACT appreciates the enthusiasm of the teachers who strive to educate Indonesian children living in the peripheral areas of the country. In Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Global Zakat-ACT gave allowance to 13 teachers on Tuesday (7/23). Apiko Joko Mulyono from the Global Zakat-ACT Team explained that the program aims to support the dedicated teachers in remote areas so that they can continually strive to provide the best education for their students.

"The teachers in remote areas requires all of our attention, especially about their welfare. For this reason, we try to appreciate their dedication to help to educate the children of this nation. This teachers’ allowance program is expected to be able to help their economy and uplift their spirit to teach our children on the outer islands, "explained Mulyono.

The teachers who benefitted from this program come from four schools on Alor Island: An-Nur 2 Early Childhood Education (PAUD) institution, Private Islamic School (MIS) Darussalam of Timu Abang, Islamic Junior High School (MTS) Babul Rahmat, and Fulangkai Public Elementary School.

Mulyono hoped that the allowance can uplift the teachers to improve the quality of education on the outer islands. This program is part of the Education for Indonesian Outer Islands program initiated by ACT. In addition to providing an allowance for the teachers, GZ – ACT also initiated several other programs to support the development of education on Indonesian Outer Islands, such as the construction of schools and the provision of scholarships and school supplies.

"This teachers’ allowance program is a new program, and the first location is Alor Island. We aim to provide allowance from Global Zakat-ACT to 100 teachers for the next few months, "said Mulyono.

Abdullah Djahikada is one of the recipients. He was very grateful to receive this assistance. Teaching has been his only source of income. "Alhamdulillah, this allowance can fulfill our daily needs. We hope that this can continue on a regular basis. Our source of income is from School Operational Funds (BOS) that we receive every three months, and we use it to support our family, "Abdullah said.

The allowance program will reach teachers in 19 schools that have been built by Global Zakat-ACT on Indonesian Outer Islands. "Alhamdulillah, the teachers from the public and private schools that received the allowance were very grateful, saying that they were greatly helped by the allowance we gave them. Of course, in the future, this program will continue and be able to reach more beneficiaries: teachers who are living in difficult economic condition. We hope that they can focus on educating the students on the edge of the country, "concluded Apiko. []