Amel’s Business Begins with a Wish for a Pure Income

Amelia Rachmat first started a food business when her husband decided to quit working at a bank. Beginning with an intention of seeking a halal source of income, Amel’s business has started to grow.

amelia rachmat
Amelia Rachmat sells snacks that she trademarks “Dapur Bi Mels”. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – It began in 2013 when Amelia Rachmat just wanted to make some snacks for her child to bring to school. She made rissoles and mini pizzas. After that, people began ordering snacks for her. Though she started taking orders at the time, she did it mainly not for money. She was just happy that other children in the school can enjoy the food that she makes.

"At times I took orders when there’s a farewell party at school, but I didn’t set a high price,” Amel said with a laugh.

Amel began focusing on her business in 2017 when her husband resigned from the bank where he worked. Later, her sister who worked at the same bank followed suit. It was quite shocking for Amel because it happened so suddenly.

"I'm surprised and shocked, but I took it as the answer to my prayer. I pray to Allah to give me halal and blessed sources of income. Now that my husband is at home, I can explore further my baking talent. I learn from many sources and take part in mentoring too,” Amel told Global Wakaf – ACT on Monday (9/20/2021).

Amel then started selling her foods online and at schools. Her brand is called Bi Mels Kitchen. She makes various kinds of snacks, including traditional ones. To Amel, business assistance is important so that business owners can gain a lot of knowledge and experience especially from other business partners.

However, Amel's business faced difficulties during the pandemic. Her sales declined and she couldn’t sell her products as freely.

One of the things that motivated her to get her business back on track was when she met with Global Wakaf - ACT through the Waqf for MSMEs program in early 2020. She admitted that she was given not only business mentoring but also spiritual insight on how he should 'do business with God'.

“Through this assistance, I got an extraordinary support system so that I can get through the difficult time. Although there still will be trials in the future, but at least they can improve us. Do not run from trials, but find solutions. Finally, for me, life has a lot of solutions, not depression. And it is also about giving inspiration,” said Amel.

Now Amel's business has begun to stabilize. She can make a profit of IDR 15 million to 20 million in one month. She hoped that other MSME owners would not be afraid to fail when starting a business. "Always be optimistic. Insha Allah, it will be a blessing. Allah has guaranteed our sustenance, so don’t hesitate to share our knowledge, whatever we have, “said Amel. []