An Effort to Provide Clean Water to the Cipendawa Block

Since the floods and landslide in early 2020, residents of Cileuksa Village, Bogor Regency, now temporarily live in Cipendawa Block after their village was declared a red zone or a landslide-prone area. In their new place, they live with only a few amenities available. They have no sanitary facilities because clean water is difficult to obtain after the water pipes were damaged by the landslides.

The search for groundwater sources in Cipendawa Block used geo-electricity. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR – The massive floods that hit almost all parts of Jakarta Metropolitan Area last January damaged many public facilities, leaving many of the survivors in difficulties.

Floods and landslides damaged Cileuksa village in Sukajaya Subdistrict, Bogor Regency. Of the 10 villages in Sukajaya Subdistrict, Cileuksa Village was the worst-hit by floods and landslides.

"Among the worst-hit areas were Kampung Rancanangka and Kampung Cileuksa Utara, with the total of 570 inhabitants. Until May, many disaster survivors were still living in evacuation sites because their neighborhoods are prone to landslides and no longer inhabitable,” said Khisnul Hasanah from Global Wakaf - ACT Bogor.

They evacuated to Cipendawa Block, Cileuksa Village. Although it’s safer, the evacuation site doesn’t have enough facilities. One of the problems is lack of restrooms.

The water that flows during the drilling of the water well in Cipendawa Block. (ACTNews)

“In Cipendawa block, there are temporary restrooms with enough clean water, However, there are some other locations that don’t have adequate sanitary facilities. They used to take water from the mountain springs that flows through the pipes. Unfortunately, the landslides have damaged the pipeline. Now, the water becomes murky during rainy season,” said Khisnul.

"Clean water is scarce especially when it rains. At the landslide-hit side, the pipelines have not been working,” said one of the locals.

To ease their difficulty, Global Wakaf - ACT has assisted the residents of Cipendawa Block by building a waqf well. The construction began in May and finished on Thursday, July 23.

"With this Waqf Well, we intend to ease the burden on the disaster survivors living in Cipendawa Block so that they don’t have to face water shortage as they are recovering from the disaster,” said Khisnul.

Khisnul hoped that more support from the generous benefactors can contribute to the recovery of Cipendawa Block residents. "We are hoping for the support from the generous donors. For those who would like to endow their wealth for the construction of the waqf well, they can visit Indonesia Dermawan website, or transfer to BNI Syariah account # 6600001180 in the name of Global Wakaf Foundation. With the support from the donors, we hope that they will return to their normal life as soon as possible,” hope Khisnul.

In addition to the Waqf Well, ACT has also distributed other kinds of assistance for the residents of Cipendawa Block, such as the distribution of rice and school kits in March. []