An Honorary Teacher in Karimun Becomes Janitor to Meet Ends Needs

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the salary of Asbi, an honorary teacher from Karimun Regency, Riau Islands, has been cut and paid every three months. To make ends meet, Asbi works as a janitor.

Asbi (left) with his two children meet ACT Batam team in his house. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KARIMUN – The economic burden of Asbi, an honorary teacher from one school in Kampung Baru, Meral District, Karimun Regency, Riau Islands, escalates amid the pandemic. Every month, his salary was deducted.

Asbi said, before the pandemic, the salary he received was IDR 800 thousand per month. He has been teaching for six years. "Based on the information I received, there is a budget refocusing for the Covid-19 response. Hence, the school cuts the salary of teachers, including honorary teachers. They will pay the salary every three months,” said Asbi when met by ACT Batam team, Saturday (11/13/2021).

Asbi also looks for a side income by becoming a janitor. “Alhamdulillah, I earn IDR 600 thousand per month. The money is enough to pay the rent,” said the father of three. 

Asbi admits he will still be a teacher even though the salary he receives is little. For him, being a teacher means taking a role in shaping the character of the young generations and future leaders. He also wants to be involved in forming a better young generation and future leader.[]