Anik Works as Tailor and Teacher to Support Seven Children

Anik, a single mother living in Pekalongan, has been working two jobs as a tailor and homeschool teacher to support her children who are still in school. In addition, she also volunteers as a Quran teacher.

Anik is quite skilled at making various types of clothes, from prayer garments to negligees. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKALONGAN CITY – Anik is a single mother that supports seven children who are still in school. To make ends meet, the woman living in North Pekalongan District of Pekalongan City has been working as a tailor for a decade. 

Anik is skilled in sewing several types of clothing, from prayer garments to negligees. "These days, I often make negligees. I make everything myself at home," said Anik, Saturday (8/21/2021).

At times, her business is hampered by the lack of capital. However, she doesn't want to take business loans because she avoids interest. "I need business capital loans without interest, but it seems impossible nowadays," said Anik. 

To make an additional income, Anik also works as a homeschool teacher. She sets aside some of her earnings from teaching for additional business capital. 

Anik also volunteers to teach the Quran in her home. From Monday to Thursday, children around her neighborhood come to her house to learn. "I teach the Quran to them free of charge. I decided to turn my house into a Quran school so that these children can use their time for useful activities every afternoon," Anik explained.

In an effort to support Anik's business, Global Wakaf-Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) gave her business assistance through Waqf for MSMEs. Anik was happy because she is finally able to get additional business capital without interest. "Alhamdulillah, I bought a glass cabinet and some other sewing tools," Anik said with a smile. []