Animal Farm in Gaza Ready for Upcoming Eid Al-Adha

Eid Al-Adha is in less than a month. In a number of farms in Gaza, thousands heads of cattle are being prepared. Global Qurban – Aksi Cepat Tanggap is also preparing to deliver these cows to be slaughtered in EId Al-Adha season as a form of kindness from the Indonesian people to the Palestinians.

Cattle farms that are ready to accommodate the generosity of the Indonesian people. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – As Eid Al-Adha nears, Muslims around the world are preparing to welcome this holiday. Animal farmers are busy preparing the qurbani animals, making sure they are fit for sacrifice.

In an animal farm in Gaza, Palestine, heads of cattle are given the best care. The cows were lowing when the ACT partner in Gaza visited the farm, Friday (7/3). The farmers make sure that the cows will be good enough for the qurbani donated by Indonesian benefactors through Global Qurban – ACT.

"Alhamdulillah, we are already on a farm where there are around 1,000 heads of cattle here. With the support of Global Qurban - ACT, Insha Allah, some of these cows will be sacrificed and distributed to the people of Gaza, Palestine," said Jomah al Najjar, a Global Qurban – ACT partner in Gaza.

For the qurbani distribution this year, Global Qurban - ACT targets underprivileged families, single mothers, and orphans across Gaza strip. Jomah was very grateful for the kindness of Indonesian people who continue to reach the people of Gaza, including during Eid Al-Adha moment. He hoped that support will continue to be given to the people of Gaza.

"We hope that the benefactors will continue to care for us. We also hope that assistance will always be given to us,” said Jomah. 

The goats are ready to be sacrificed this year. (ACTNews)

Said Mukaffiy from Global Humanity Response (GHR) - ACT said that they are optimistic that they can reach Gaza to deliver qurbani once again when they saw the readiness of the team there. "Insha Allah, we will distribute tens or even hundreds of sacrificial animals in Gaza. The farm has plenty of qurbani animals, and our partners in Gaza are ready to sacrifice and distribute the qurbani animals. We are inviting generous donors to support Global Qurban – ACT to distribute qurbani animals to the people of Palestine, especially those who are the victims of humanitarian conflict, " said Said.

Food shortages have become a nightmare that haunts the Palestinian people. The UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees reports, as written by the Anadolu Agency on Saturday (6/20), that around one million Palestinian refugees face food shortages due to Israel's continuing blockade.

In a statement on the World Refugee Day, Jamal al-Khoudary, chairman of the Popular Committee to End Gaza's Seige, said “a genuine decline” in support from donors has had “serious repercussions on the Palestinian refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem and other Arab states.”

Moreover, he said, Israel’s blockade on Gaza since 2006 has resulted in skyrocketing levels of poverty and unemployment in the besieged area.[]