Anjar Willing to Float in the Middle of Sea to Deliver Aid

Anjar Sufanat, an MRI member of Tanah Bumbu, was adrift in the middle of the sea for 18 hours to send humanitarian aid to landslide victims on Matasiri Island Kotabaru Regency.

Anjar Sufagat
Anjar Sufagat, an MRI-ACT Tanah Bumbu volunteer (Second from right) on his way to Matasiri Island in Kotabaru Regency. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANAH BUMBU – Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Tanah Bumbu volunteer Anjar Sufangat had an unforgettable experience. He was adrift in the middle of the sea for three hours on a humanitarian aid delivery mission.

Last Ramadan, Anjar sent aid for landslide victims to Matasiri Island in Kotabaru Regency, South Kalimantan Province. To get to the location, the MRI team used a fishing boat belonging to one of the fishermen.

At that time, the waves were high. The waves hit the rock hard. None of the fishermen wanted to accompany the MRI team. However, there was only one fisherman who dared to take him to the island.

Usually, It takes approximately eight hours on a normal trip. However, fate said otherwise, high waves hit the boat carrying 15 people. The ship's engine died. There was nothing to do. The boat was bobbing aimlessly in the middle of the ocean.

“All volunteers had no choice other than leaving it to Allah. The waves were high enough that the water entered the boat engine several times. The boat engine died. At that time, we could not eat suhoor. Almost all of the volunteers were vomiting helplessly, and some of us slept in wet conditions exposed to the waves," said Anjar (8/24/2021).

One crew member kept trying to start the engine. For almost two hours, they kept trying to get the engine back on. Their efforts failed. They were forced to wait even longer.

After three hours in the middle of the sea, the engine finally started and continued to Matasiri Island. Finally, MRI team arrived at their destination in approximately 18 hours.

“We were happy and relieved when we saw the islanders pick us up by using a canoe. I was lucky and happy to be on this humanitarian ship. It was a valuable experience for me even though it requires quite a long struggle,” he said.

The distribution of aid was carried out until dusk. After breaking the fast and performing Taraweeh's prayer, he and MRI team returned to sailing to continue their journey home.

"We want to do more for others because the best humans are people who are useful to others. That is one of our motivations," said Anjar.[]