Another Aid Packages Distribution for the Uighur Diaspora in Kayseri

The poor and orphaned Uighurs have been a concern for the benefactors in Indonesia. Aid packages have been continuously given to ease their hardship.

ACTNews, KAYSERI – Another aid distribution for impoverished Uighur families was done on Friday (8/2) and Saturday (8/3). The aid was given to the Uighur diaspora living in Kayseri, Turkey, along with the distribution of teachers’ allowance and aid for the madrassas.

"The aid was received by 70 Uighur families. They were poor families and among them were orphans," reported Sucita Ramadinda from Global Humanity Response (GHR) team - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Monday (8/5).

That day, the beneficiaries gathered at one of the Uighur madrassas in Kayseri. They waited in line to receive the aid packages.

"Around 1,500 Uighurs have been forced to flee to Turkey to avoid entering the reeducation camps. These are the ones who are now living in dire need because they cannot contact their family via any means of communication. They also cannot continue their studies here due to lack of funds," Seyit Tumturk, one of the Uighurs in Turkey, told ACTNews earlier this year.

The people of Indonesia have been continuously sending their best aid for their Uighur brothers and sisters. For example, food packages and gifts were given to the Uighurs last Eid al-Fitr.

The Uighurs in Kayseri generally live on humanitarian assistance due to their inability to get jobs. Most of the Uighur diaspora in Turkey are immigrants from Xinjiang or Beijing. They escaped the oppression committed by the Chinese authority. []