Another Exodus Following Escalation in Idlib

Many Idlib residents fled north following another escalation this week.

Vehicles filling the road to North Idlib. This picture was taken by an ACT partner on Monday (1/27). Tens of thousands fled north following the escalation this week. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, IDLIB – Another exodus of Idlib residents to the northern Idlib region occurred following another attack in Idlib Province, Monday (1/27).

Syrian humanitarian organization White Helmets wrote on their Twitter, “With few possessions and an overwhelming sense of loss, Syrians make a mass exodus from the #Idlib countryside.”

The civilians were seeking shelter from the fighter attacks. “They head to unknown futures," wrote White Helmets. In their wake, the evacuees left their homes, memories and lives.

Middle East Monitor reported that, since December 2019, a total of 358,000 Syrians have left their homes on Idlib. The UN said, most of the refugees were women and children.

As UNHCR noted, as of 9 January 2020, there are over five million registered Syrian refugees. A total of 286,234 IDP are registered in Syria's internal refugee camps. Last Monday's exodus added to the number of IDP. []