Another Flashflood Hits Salua Village in Sigi

Another Flashflood Hits Salua Village in Sigi

ACTNews, SIGI – Deluge has once again drowned Salua Village in Kulawi Sub-District in Sigi, Central Sulawesi on Tuesday (12/11) evening. Mixture of water, mud and debris that fall from the hills around Sigi was carried by the flood. Logs that blocked the river had caused the water to overflow to the settlement areas.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team on the location stated that the worst-affected area was Dusun III. There were no reports of casualties caused by the flood that happened at 8 p.m. However, the financial loss was reported to reach hundreds of millions rupiah.  

“Heavy rain has been falling since the afternoon. Maybe the rain also fell on the hills up there,” said Padli, ACT volunteer from Gumbasa Regional Post, Wednesday (12/12).


Since the earthquake on September 28, two flashfloods have hit Salua. However, as Padli Stated, the flood on Tuesday (12/11) was the most massive, leaving 123 families displaced and 87 houses drowned and damaged.

Although the flood has started to recede, it left mud and sludge inside the houses. The locals who use the Palu-Kulawi road are advised to remain careful. “The road is still slippery and muddy. We advise the locals to stay safe,” added Padli.

Geographically, distributaries run through villages in Kulawi, including Salua, to Palu river. The headwaters are located on hills and in jungles near Lake Lindu and Lore Lindu National Parrk. Hence, Salua is among villages that are prone to floods.

According to Mongabay, a web site that publishes news on environmental science, energy, and green design, if the rainforests in Sigi and its watershed is destroyed, the impact will not only affect Kulawi, but also Palu. []



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