Another Rice Distribution Reaches Two Poor Islamic Boarding Schools in Central Sulawesi

This week, two pesantren in Central Sulawesi received rice packages from benefactors through ACT.

Asyabaalul Khairat Islamic Boarding School students receiving rice assistance from ACT. (ACTNews / Chandra)

ACTNews, PALU, MARIGI MOUTONG - In order to the need of the Islamic boarding school students for food, ACT Central Sulawesi, through the Rice for Indonesian Santri (BERISI) program once again distributed two tons of rice in two pesantrens located in Palu City and Parigi Moutong.

The rice aid was first distributed in Asyabaalul Khairaat Tada Islamic Boarding School, South Tinombo Subdistrict, Parigi Moutong, that has 100 students. The team then continued to Nurul Falah Kawatuna Modern Islamic Boarding School in Palu City, on Monday (1/21) afternoon. This school has 135 students that are mostly orphans and poor students.

ACT Central Sulawesi Branch Manager Nurmarjani Loulembah said that the two pesantrens were eligible for the aid because the schools and their students were poor.

"The BERISI program is designated to help pesantrens that are still economically underprivileged. The assistance is expected to be able to ease the burden of these pesantrens and strengthen the spirit of the students to study religious knowledge, "Nurmarjani said.

Mohamad Hafizin, Head of Nurul Falah Kawatuna Islamic Boarding School in Palu, was very grateful for this rice assistance. One of the obstacles faced by the pesantren, said Hafizin, was related to the fulfilling the students’ need for rice.

"Usually we don’t have enough rice because the students can’t pay, especially those from poor families or the orphans. We usually owe some rice to the sellers in the market to fulfill the need for rice. Thank you, ACT, for we are very grateful for the rice aid. We feel greatly assisted to ease the burden of our Islamic boarding school,” Hafizin told ACT Team during the distribution of rice.

ACT Central Sulawesi targets to distribute one ton of rice to Islamic boarding schools in Central Sulawesi each month. ACT also invites generous benefactors to ease the burden of the students. The rice distributed to the students of Islamic boarding schools is supported by generous benefactors who care about the welfare of Islamic boarding schools. []