Anwar: I Sincerely Devote Myself to Take Care of Mosque

Anwar dedicates himself to being a Mosque caretaker (59). Because his income from the Mosque caretaker is uncertain, he still meets his needs through other jobs.

Despite the uncertainty of his income, Anwar expresses satisfaction as being Mosque caretaker. (ACTNews/Fathoni)

ACTNews, KAMPAR REGENCY – The caretaker of a mosque has a noble duty. They maintain and care for places of worship so that people can worship in peace and comfort. The service provided by the Mosque caretaker, on the other hand, is not always directly proportional to their well-being.

Some Mosque caretakers serve sincerely and solely intend to worship Allah. Some are not paid or are paid only a little. Anwar (59), a Mosque caretaker at the Istiqomah Mosque in the Karya Indah Village Housing, Tapung District, Kampar Regency, feels this way.

Anwar earns IDR 400 thousand per month as a mosque caretaker. Depending on the amount of alms given by the congregation, this amount may be reduced or even waived. "If there are alms from the congregation, the number will be in the hundreds of thousands. However, I am still grateful for the opportunity to work as a Mosque caretaker here," Anwar shared his experience as a Mosque caretaker, Friday (1/28/2022).

Despite the uncertainty of his income, Anwar says he is content with his job as Mosque caretaker. Because being a Mosque caretaker is not a job for him, but rather a form of devotion and worship to Allah. Anwar works a second job to supplement his income. The income from that side job is also dependent on demand.

"I sincerely become a mosque caretaker. For me, taking care of the mosque is worship because it allows people to pray comfortably by mopping, sweeping, and cleaning the toilets and ablution areas. I work as a construction worker or a farm laborer for daily meals," Anwar stated.

Global Zakat-ACT provides food assistance to Anwar to appreciate his work as a Mosque caretaker. (ACTNews/Fathoni)

On that day, Anwar received food package assistance from Global Zakat-ACT as part of the National Movement for Indonesian Preachers' Prosperity program. Anwar, the recipient, expressed gratitude to Global Zakat-ACT for the gift. "Hopefully, Allah will double the reward for the donors' kindness," he hoped.

Global Zakat-ACT continues to strive through this program to support the dedication and struggle of preachers, including mosque caretakers. This program intends to support the struggle and ease the burden of those who are steadfast in their service. []