Anxiously Waiting for a Cylinder of Life

Oxygen cylinder scarcity for the Covid-19 patients is still vividly remembered by the Director of Qadr Hospital, Dr. Sulaiman, MARS. Moreover, the hospital’s Emergency Room couldn’t even accommodate the whole Covid-19 patients at that time.

Humanitarian collaboration.
Director of Qadr Hospital Tangerang, Dr. Sulaiman., MARS, attends the handover of 20 oxygen cylinders from ACT and Maybank Syariah. (ACTNews/Ichsan Ali)

ACTNews, TANGERANG REGENCY – It is still vivid for Dr. Sulaiman, Director of Qadr Hospital Tangerang while he was waiting for oxygen cylinder delivery at the peak of the Covid-19 cases last June to July. Everyone was waiting to get “a cylinder of life”.

According to Dr. Sulaiman, the oxygen cylinders were like the spearhead in handling the Covid-19. The disease is very powerful which attacks its patients’ respiratory system regardless of gender, history of illness, or age.

“It was very difficult for us from June to July. at that time, patients mostly had moderate to severe symptoms. Imagine that one six-meter oxygen cylinder only lasted for 6 to 8 hours," he told ACTNews, Wednesday (9/15/2021).

He revealed that the soaring Covid-19 cases had forced the hospital to increase the number of bed capacities. Meanwhile, in April 2020, there were only three beds provided for the Covid-19 patients. Then, by June 2021, the hospital has provided 44 beds. He also said that the hospital had even closed the Emergency Installation (IGD) and wards for the Covid-19 patients due to overload Covid-19 patients who came to the hospital.

“Yes, we prepared special wards and healthcare workers for the Covid-19 patients to prevent exposure to the non-covid patients. Regarding oxygen cylinders, more than 80 percent of the Covid patients used them. In other words, without oxygen cylinders, we couldn't treat the patients," he said. Every night the healthcare workers were working continuously to ensure oxygen availability.

However, that difficult time during the surging cases of Covid-19 has been passed. It is proven with the sloping of Covid-19 active cases. Furthermore, vaccination is also massively carried out to form the society’s herd immunity.

Alhamdulillah, currently, there is no more Covid-19 patient in Qadr Hospital. The last Covid-19 patient has been discharged two days ago. Alhamdulillah, the situation is better now. Let’s continue to obey the health protocol and optimize the vaccination program,” he added.

That day the handover of 20 oxygen cylinders from ACT and Maybank Syariah delighted Dr. Sulaiman and other healthcare workers in Qadr hospital.

Alhamdulillah, the collaboration of ACT and Maybank Syariah is very beneficial to us in the hospital. Thank you for your care to us,” said Dr. Sulaiman.[]