Appreciation for Strong Female Quran Teachers in Tasikmalaya

For decades, Otoy and Halimah have passed as teachers of the Quran in Tasikmalaya. Sincerity is the main basis for them to choose this service.

Appreciation for Strong Female Quran Teachers in Tasikmalaya' photo
Siti Halimah, a Quran teacher in Tasikmalaya Regency who has devoted herself for 58 years. (ACTNews / Arfika)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA - His name is Otoy Mar'atusholihah, a teacher in the Leuwisari area, Tasikmalaya Regency. For 34 years he has been devoted to education. Being part of the benefit for others is one of the reasons for loving the world of education even with low salaries.

Every month, the teacher of the Quran gets an unpredictable honorarium and the largest is only a count of hundreds of thousands of rupiah. Even so, the issue of honoraria has never been a complaint. He teaches because it is what he likes and is sincere about. "I want to be a part of educating children," said Otoy when meeting with the Tasikmalaya Quick Response Team (ACT), Thursday (26/11).

Similar to Otoy, Siti Halimah, a teacher at Jatiwaras, Tasikmalaya Regency, has dedicated herself to education for 58 years. Currently, every day after dawn as many as 20 students study at their semi-permanent houses. However, the teaching activities that Halimah does do not stop at one time. During the day he had to go around to the madrassas to meet his students, which in total reached 70 people.

Ikhlas is the basis of Halimah's struggle during teaching. He never complained about honorariums. In fact, he always returns the tuition money that his students collect. Because for Halimah, sustenance has been arranged by Allah. "For me, teaching is a mandate that cannot be abandoned," said Halimah.

Otoy and Halimah are just a few of the many Quran teachers, aka Kaji teachers, whose dedication is so totality for the country's children. They no longer prioritize material in their careers. For this reason, Global Zakat-ACT really appreciates the role of Otoy and Halimah. When met at their respective homes, Global Zakat-ACT handed over food packages as a token of appreciation and congratulations on the moment of National Teacher's Day.

"This appreciation will never match the struggles that Bu Otoy and Mrs. Halimah did. However, this is our effort to accompany them and support the great teacher's role in building the nation's civilization, "said Fauzi Ridwan from the ACT Tasikmalaya Program Team, Thursday (26/11).

The food packages that Otoy and Halimah received were part of the implementation of Sahabat Guru Indonesia which was sourced from zakat funds. Right on National Teacher's Day 2020 yesterday, this program has been running for one year. There are already thousands of teachers in Indonesia who get living expenses, food packages, and other assistance. This number will continue to grow as this good program continues.

“The public can take part in this act of kindness by giving zakat through the Dermawan Indonesia website or contacting the nearest ACT branch office. The collected zakat funds will be implemented for good programs, one of which is Sahabat Guru Indonesia, "explained Fauzi. []


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