Aqiqah Dishes Distributed to Jabalia Residents in Gaza Amid Freezing Winter

Aqiqah dishes from the people of Indonesia were distributed in late February in Jabalia, North Gaza, to provide them with adequate nutrients amid winter.

aqiqah dishes
Residents of Jabalia, North Gaza receive aqiqah dishes from ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Fat goats from generous Indonesian donors were distributed to the residents of Jabalia, North Gaza, in the form of savory aqiqah dishes. The fresh meat was processed by volunteers in the Indonesian Public Kitchen in Gaza for the residents of Zitoon and Zahra areas in Jabalia, North Gaza

Said Mukaffiy from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) 's Global Humanity Network team explained that the meat was cooked using special herbs and spices that are suitable for Palestinians' taste. Accompanied with delicious rice, the meat dishes were distributed to hundreds of Gazans who are facing winter.

"The process of cutting and distribution was carried out at the end of February. Over 200 Gazans received the aqiqah packages. They were very happy to receive the dishes because they rarely eat delicious meals," added Said, Thursday (2/24/2022).

Said explained that the recipients were Gaza residents who are still having difficulty meeting their daily food needs. The ACT team delivered the dishes directly to their doorsteps. Happiness was clearly seen on their faces when they received the dishes.

Food is one of the urgent needs for Gazans this winter. During winter, the precipitation rate increases that the temperature continues to drop sometimes up to the freezing point.

"The blockade for a dozen years has also made many Gazans lose their jobs and unable to meet their food needs. Attacks carried out by Israel have also damaged various facilities that support the food sector in Palestine," concluded Said. []