Aqiqah from Generous Indonesians Benefits Impoverished Gazans, IDPs

Through Global Qurban Aqiqah, delicious dishes made of aqiqah sacrifice can be delivered all the way to the Palestinians. Recently, another aqiqah distribution benefitted impoverished communities and the internally displaced in Gaza.

aqiqah for gaza
Aqiqah dishes being prepared for Gazan residents. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – As an effort to continue supporting the people of Gaza, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) recently distributed nutritious and delicious meal packages to the people of Gaza. Through Global Qurban Aqiqah, savory aqiqah dishes were distributed to the needy, funded by the generosity of Indonesian donors.

The fresh meat from the aqiqah sacrifice was immediately cooked by the volunteers who are used to cooking in the Indonesian Public Kitchen. Chunks of meat cooked in special spices were served over rice.

Said Mukaffiy from ACT's Global Humanity Response team explained, from slaughtering to cooking, the volunteers abided by strict health protocol. The slaughtering itself was done in a slaughterhouse whose hygiene is guaranteed.

"Alhamdulillah, no fewer than 100 beneficiaries have tasted these delicious meals. They are poor people living in the Shoshaa area, Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza. The volunteers delivered the meals directly to their doors," added Said, Wednesday (25/8/2021).

Furthermore, Said explains that the food crisis is only one of many problems faced by the people of Gaza. More assistance is needed to help the Gazans recover after the recent military aggression.

"We have various other food provision programs, including staple food distribution and meal distribution through the Indonesian Public Kitchen and Humanity Food Truck,” explained Said. []