Architect's Explanation About Largest Fishing Boat in Gaza

The fishing boat from the Indonesian people is claimed to be the largest in Gaza, with 21 meters in length. The architect also explained the shape of this boat.

Waqf Fishing Boat
The process of making Palestinian Waqf Fishing Boat by ACT team. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – The largest fishing boat in Gaza is under construction. After obtaining permission from the Palestinian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, the ship, which seeks to gain the welfare of Gaza's fishermen, began to be assembled at one of the ports in the Khan Younis area, South Gaza, in early June. Currently, the progress has reached 45 percent and will sail before the end of 2021.

Mohammed Faraj Zo'rob, an architect of this boat, explained that initially, the Waqf Fishing Boat, which will have a dominant green and orange color, will be made with a total length of 26 meters. However, due to Israel's blockade of Gaza, this measure was not permitted. Hence, its size was reduced to 21 meters in length and 6 meters in width.

Faraj says the boat frame is made of quality Cinchona wood, measuring 30 by 40 centimeters. The wood will be coated with eight millimeters thick iron that forms the letter 'U'. This iron, said Faraj, will strengthen the boat frame.

“Later, the boat frame will also be tied again using a rope that has a thickness of about 8 by 10 centimeters," explained Faraj while showing the design on his computer screen.

Furthermore, for the outer cover of the boat, the layers will be made with different types of materials. The first layer will be made of pinewood with a thickness of 5 by 20 centimeters. The second layer will use glass fiber.

"There are many technical things that are considered during the design process of this boat. I need to assess the maturity of the design, determining how many meters the hull will be below sea level, determining the shape of the cockpit, and deciding the location of the nets, fishing rods, bow, and stern at the rear of the ship," added Faraj.

Palestinian Waqf Fishing Boat design. (ACTNews)

Faraj adds that there are more than 30 workers and technicians working in the construction of this boat. This ship can be a source of income for at least 15 fishing families in Gaza. These families are impoverished families affected by the Israeli zionist blockade, and it is burdensome for them to earn a decent income.[]