Ardian Sells Popcorn to Meet His ‘Diamonds’ and Help Others

Ardian, an MRI-ACT volunteer, tends to find impoverished people who rarely get attention.

Volunteer Ardian.
Ardian (right), an MRI-ACT volunteer visits an elderly named Mbah Kayatun in Semarang Regency. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SALATIGA – Ardian Kurniawan Santoso from Masyarakat elawan Indonesia (MRI)-ACT Salatiga often becomes an initiator of many humanitarian actions. His experience in various humanitarian actions is unquestionable. He often finds people who need help in areas that rarely get attention.

His story is interesting to tell. Behind his struggle to help people in need, he first made extra money by selling popcorn. His collected money is used as his initial fund to spread kindness across the country.

“I just came back from Demak. At my house, I sell popcorn as my ‘ammunition’ to help others. I need to save my money first before traveling again to rural areas while helping others in need,” he said.

He collects the money from selling popcorn for his next travel needs which can be called a journey to seek impoverished people. Ardian usually calls them his 'diamonds'.

Whenever Ardian finds someone who needs help, he will immediately help with what he has first. Then, to gain sympathy from netizens, he will take advantage of thousands of his followers on social media. Some of them often send messages and entrusted donations to Ardian.

Ardian’s actions cannot be separated from the role of Aksi Cepat Tanggap. In ACT, he becomes a volunteer with abundant experience. He is able to get a lot of lessons to hone his social sense. Until now, Ardian always tries to assist people.[]