Arlan’s Story: From Pessimism to Pride

Arlan was pessimistic that his Physical Education degree was useless. However, when his knowledge is needed for education in his village, Arlan is grateful even though his salary is small.

Arlan (right) has a conversation with ACT Luwuk Banggai team. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANGGAI – “Pak Arlan, do you not want to teach elementary school? Students at school have never practiced Physical Education because there are no teachers who can. Students only learn theory, even though students love to study outdoors," said a teacher at Inpres Koyoan Primary School to Arlan Abiwa, who was still a student seven years ago.

As a student of the Physical Education (Penjaskes) program, Arlan Abiwa was moved after hearing the story. He had the opportunity to impart knowledge in lectures to children in his hometown, Koyoan Village, Nambo District, Banggai Regency.

“I used to doubt whether the knowledge I learned could be useful. I think Physical Education is a knowledge that many people can understand without studying," said Arlan, Monday (10/18/2021).

When he first taught Physical Education, Arlan asked students to warm up to avoid injury. Unexpectedly, the students did not understand what warming up was.

“They asked, '' What is warming up? How to do it?” I asked again, “have you (students) never warmed up before exercising?” They have never done it before," explained the man who studied at the Muhammadiyah University of Luwuk Banggai.

His patience as a Physical Education teacher paid off. In 2019, Arlan's students managed to become 2nd place in the Central Sulawesi provincial level walking event. Arlan was even more moved when the residents of Koyoan Village were willing to jointly make a celebration ceremony.

“I never thought that my students could become champions. My tiredness and the children paid off with this achievement," concluded Arlan. Although his salary is small, Arlan admits that he loves his job as an honorary teacher of Physical Education.[]