Arrahman Hifz School Continues Running Despite Limited Facilities

Arrahman Hifz (Quran Memorization) school in Jorong Jirek does not have its own building. It uses a building owned by another Quran school. It also doesn’t have enough Quran copies for the students to use. The lack of proper facilities, however, never weakens the students’ enthusiasm about memorizing the Qur’an.

A class at Arrahman Hifz School. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANAH DATAR – Since its opening in 2010, Arrahman hifz (Qur’an memorization) school has not had its own building. However, despite the limited facilities, the students at the hifz school located in Batipuah District of Tanah Datar Regency has always been enthusiastic about memorizing the Qur’an.

One of the teachers, ustazah Dian Fitri, told ACTNews that they use the building owned by another Quran school, TPA Nurul Iman. These two institutions use the building in turns: TPA Nurul Iman’s uses it from noon to early afternoon, and the hifz school uses it after asr until dusk. However, Arrahman hifz school is ready if one day they are asked to find another place.   

"This building belongs to Nurul Iman Quran school, but we’re allowed to use it. Nurul Iman uses it from noon to early afternoon, and we use it from mid-afternoon to dusk. We have no classes at night because it’s the time for the students to rest. After learning at school from morning to noon, learning Qur’an at the Qur’an school from noon to early afternoon, and memorizing the Qur’an with us from mid-afternoon to dusk, they deserve a proper rest at night,” said Ustazah  Dian when met on Saturday (8/14/2021).

The hifz school also doesn’t have enough Quran copies to use. The students must use the Qur’an copies in turns. At times, they have to borrow from a local mosque next door.

"We also lack Qur’an copies. The students use the Qur’ans in turns, and some of the students bring their own from home or borrow from a nearby mosque. The hifz teachers also need assistance to further develop their capacity," he said.

To help the teachers at Arrahman Hifz School, Global Zakat-ACT provided sponsorship for the teachers. "On behalf of the teachers, I would like to thank Global Zakat-ACT and the benefactors," she concluded. []