Aryani Enthusiastically Empowers Others Despite Visual Impairment

Several branches ayam geprek stalls run by Aryani (33) were closed due to the pandemic. Yet, Aryani is never tired of trying to support others by employing many people.

Aryani continues to make innovations to her business in hopes of surviving the pandemic. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA –Aryani (33)’s visual impairment never stops her from benefitting others. Aiming to employ people around her, she opened stalls that sell ayam geprek (fried chicken smashed in sambal).

Her business had grown quite rapidly in recent years. Her ayam geprek stall called Ayam Geprek Petukangan is quite famous in South Petukangan Village, Pesanggrahan District, South Jakarta. Aryani had three branches and was assisted by six employees.

However, she has to deal with obstacles during the pandemic. Her fried chicken sales decreased and her business began to decline "Now I have only two shops and two employees," said Aryani when met by Global Wakaf-ACT on Thursday (9/2/2021).

Aryani admitted that she was also facing capital constraints. Even so, she continues to make innovations by selling a variety of dishes to further develop her business.

"I hope that my business can continue to thrive during the pandemic so that I can support many people," Aryani explained.

Global Wakaf-ACT supports Aryani's business through Waqf for MSMEs program. Through business capital and assistance, it is hoped that Aryani's business can survive and get through difficult times.

“Alhamdulillah, with this business capital, I plan to cover operational costs such as paying my employees’ salaries and buying chicken and other ingredients,” said Aryani. []