Asdar Has No Place to Live but Charred Ruins of Her House

Since a fire broke out and burned down her house, Asdar (67) no longer has a place to live and care for her two children who are living with mental disorders. All she can do is salvage the ruins of her house to build a meager shelter.

Asdar doesn’t have enough money to rebuild her house. (ACTNews/Agusriadi)

ACTNews, WEST PASAMAN – Life is not always easy for Asdar (67). For years, she has been taking care of her two children who suffer from mental disorders. Unfortunately, last month, their house which was their only asset was burned down. The woman and two children are forced to live in the charred ruins of their house.

Now, they live in a shack made of zinc sheets and wooden boards. “This is our abode now. It’s difficult for us to get food for a day, let alone to repair our house. I am too busy taking care of my children who have mental disorders,” said Asdar who lives in Koto Baru Village, Luhak Nan Duo District, West Pasaman Regency, Thursday (13/1/2022) yesterday.

Asdar’s shack is made of wooden boards and zinc sheets. (ACTNews/Agusriadi)

Sometimes her neighbors employ her to work, and sometimes they help them fulfill their daily needs. At the age of over 65, it’s impossible for Asdar to work too hard.  

Asdar also has two daughters who are married. However, their economic conditions are no better because their husbands are odd-jobbers with uncertain incomes.

ACT plans to repair Asdar's house which was recently hit by the disaster. "God willing, we will try to help repair Mrs. Asdar's house. For that we also invite the community and philanthropists to contribute to help her,” said the acting Manager of ACT West Pasaman Branch Ahmad Diar. []