Asnawi Faces Multiple Challenges as Preacher in Remote Village on Buru Island

Since his conversion to Islam at the age of 17, Asnawi has been a very committed Muslim. He not only performs his personal duties as a Muslim but also teaches Islam in the interior of Buru Island in the Maluku Islands. His work as a preacher is not always easy. However, despite the ups and downs, his love for Islam has motivated him to be steadfast on the path of da’wah.

The path through which Asnawi has to pass to get to the village where he teaches. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BURU – At the age of 17, Asnawi Tasidjawa embraced Islam. Since then, he is committed not only to performing his personal duties as a Muslim but also to teaching Islam in the interior of Buru Regency in the Maluku Islands.

In the village of Skusa Ukalahin, Fena Leisela District, Ustaz Asnawi preaches the local Muslim converts. The location of the village is far from the city center, and the road to get there often gets muddy during the rainy season.

 “Also, I have to cross the river to reach the village. I usually stay at a local resident’s house,” added Asnawi.

He visits the village two or three times a week. He has a great hope that what he’s doing can help the villagers understand Islam better and deepen their faith.

Ustaz Asnawi's motorbike is cut in half after an accident. (ACTNews)

It’s not easy to be a Muslim preacher in a remote area. His difficulties are compounded by the lack of a vehicle for him to get to the village where he teaches.

There was an unforgettable experience when he was on the way home with one of the locals. He had a severe accident that split his motorcycle in half and gave him wounds on his body and face.

"Now it's a bit difficult to go to the village because I don't have a vehicle. It takes one day and one night to get there on foot,” said Asnawi, who is always passionate about preaching out of his love for Islam. []