At the Age of 70, Grandma Kamisah Collects Firewood to Survive

The 70-year-old Kamisah refuses to beg despite her old age. She chooses to walk for ten kilometers a day to collect and sell firewood. Sadly, she often gets short-changed in a transaction because she cannot read the bill that she uses.

Kamisah walks around the forest to collect firewood. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANTUL – Kamisah (70) lives alone in Bantul, Yogyakarta. She is not married, and her parents have passed away. Every morning, she walks to the forest to collect firewood to sell.

Every day, he walks 10 kilometers barefoot through the hulls and forest to collect firewood. She believes that as long as she can still walk, she will never beg. “As long as I am healthy, I won’t beg. I am grateful for whatever I earn, even if it’s just IDR20,000 a day,” she said.

Partini, one of Kamisah's neighbors, said Kamisah is a hard worker. However, Kamisah often gets short-changed because she can’t read the banknote.

"She is often short-changed when shopping at the market. For example, if she buys a piece of bread for IDR2,000 using the IDR20,000 banknote, sometimes they don’t give her the change, but she never protests,” said Partini.

Kamisah’s poverty forces her to eat rice only with sambal. She also needs medicine for her illness. If you wish to support Kamisah, you can donate through the widget below. []