Ayem's Struggle to be Her Family's Sole Breadwinner

Since the pandemic, Ayem (49) has been working hard to support her family by selling vegetables. She peddles her vegetables and opens a stall near her house. Ayem is supporting her family all by herself since there’s no job available for her husband.

Ayem serves her buyer. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI - Ayem (49) is a greengrocer from Pangkalan Hamlet, Sukamekar Village, Sukawangi District, Bekasi Regency. She peddles her vegetables from 6 a.m. till midday around Pangkalan Village.

She made several stops along the way until midday. From noon until the evening, she sells vegetables in a small stall near her house.

In terms of business capital, Ayem admitted that she doesn’t have a lot. She makes around IDR 90,000 to 140,000 daily. Though she’s lucky that she is not in debt, she still has to pay for her two children’s education.

Ayem peddles vegetables around the village from the morning till midday. (ACTNews)

Working as a casual worker, Ayem’s husband only works when there’s someone who needs his service. Hence, his income is uncertain. "My husband has been out of work for two months. The social restrictions have rendered my husband jobless,” she said in mid-January.

Amid the current difficulties, she hoped that this pandemic will end soon so that her husband can work again. To support Ayem's business, Global Wakaf - ACT provided business capital assistance through the Waqf for Indonesian Micro Business (WMUMI) program.

"She hoped that her business will be blessed and it will continue to develop, and she will be able to free herself from the capital constraints,” said Wahyu Nur Alim of Global Wakaf - ACT.

Wahyu also hoped that the community can participate in this program so that other small business owners can run their businesses more smoothly with the blessing of waqf. "We are inviting the community to help business actors who are currently experiencing difficulties due to lack of capital. With your help, through the WMUMI program, we hope to be able to ease their burdens,"hoped Wahyu. []