Baharudin, an Elderly Who Lives Alone in Uninhabitable Shack

When the rain occurs, the roof of the formerly livestock shack is leaking. The night breeze will also pass through the wall of the rotten shack.

Baharudin sits at the entrance door of his shack house that used to be a goat pen. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WEST PASAMAN – Bahrudin (78) lives his old age by himself in a shack that was formerly a goat pen. He has to walk with a walking stick so that he won’t trip.

The house that is located in Nagari Jorong Koto Sawah, Ujung Gading District, West Pasaman Regency is uninhabitable. The wall is made of shabby woods with no sanitation facility. Therefore, Bahrudin has to walk for 10 meters to reach the nearest sanitation facility outside his house.

“I tend to have difficulty accessing the water well. Moreover, if the soil is slippery. I often have to crawl to go there since I have had tripped myself while walking with the stick,” said the man who is familiar as Grandpa Bahar, Monday (11/21/2021).

The house that is formerly a goat pen has been obsolete and leaking when the rain occurs. Therefore, Grandpa Bahar has to move to another side of his house to avoid water leakage. Furthermore, the night breeze also brings shivers to his old body.

“I don’t have a mattress or blanket. I only sleep here on a thin mat,” he said.

Branch Manager of ACT West Pasaman, Gatoet Kesuma explained that Bahrudin only relies on his neighbors’ alms to live since he is no longer able to work and do a lot of physical activities.

“I can’t believe there were still people living in this condition. I had tears in my eyes seeing it. Insha Allah, ACT West Pasaman will renovate Grandpa Bahar's house," said Gatoet.[]