Bahrun: Quran Classes Stop after Flood Damages the Quran Copies

The flood in South Kalimantan has severely affected Bahrun’s life. As a Quran teacher in Lok Baintan Luar Village, Sungai Tabuk District, Banjar Regency, he can no longer teach due to the flooding and because his Quran copies were damaged.

Bahrun reading Quran in his house. (ACTNews / M. Rizki)

ACTNews, MARTAPURA – The flood in South Kalimantan not only hampered Bahrun’s teaching activities, but also his livelihood. As a citrus farmer who earns IDR 800,000 a month, the flood also affects his livelihood because it also damaged some of his citrus trees.

Before the flood, he used to teach Quran in his house to 20 students after the maghrib prayer. The flood forced him to stop his Quran classes.

“The flood also soaked some of my Quran copies. My house has also been unsuitable for the teaching activities. This is the most severe flood that I have ever experienced,”said Bahrun, Sunday (1/31/2021).

When Global Zakat-ACT South Kalimantan visited Bahrun, the house was still in a mess. Some of the Quran copies were still soaking wet. He lives alone in his house after his wife passed away and his children moved out.

Global Zakat-ACT South Kalimantan handed over food packages through the Sahabat Dai Indonesia program for Bahrun. He was very grateful to receive the aid packages. "I am very grateful for the assistance given to me. This is among the sustenance that comes from Allah," he said.

Head of Global Zakat-ACT South Kalimantan Zainal Arifin, said that what Bahrun experienced reflects the calamities faced by the flood survivors in South Kalimantan. According to him, teachers who are victims of the flood need more attention in order to continue their teaching activities. Bahrun himself is currently having trouble teaching his Quran copies were flooded. In addition, he is also having trouble fulfilling his need for food.

"Insha Allah, our team will endeavor to support Mr. Bahrun so he can continue teaching the Quran. We also plan to provide new Quran copies to replace his old ones that were damaged by the flood, "said Zainal. []