Bambang Has a New Home After Living Near A Goat Cage

Now, Bambang has a better house, which replaced his 2 by 3 meters hut, with the support of benefactors.

Now, Bambang has a new house from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews/ Dean Ramadhan)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA REGENCY – Bambang's house now looks much better than before. He lives in Budiwangi Village, Cisempur Village, Cibalong District, Tasikmalaya Regency. His new house has clean and comfortable rooms.

“Previously, my house was small and uninhabitable. Now, my house is nice and suitable for my family. We pray good wishes and may Allah bless and repay all the kindness of Global Zakat-ACT Tasikmalaya team and all benefactors who helped me,” Bambang said on Wednesday (24/11/2021). 

Bambang’s new house replaced his previous 2 by 3 meters hut. The hut was right next to the goat barn belonging to the neighbor. There, Bambang lived with Anita, his only child.

The condition of Bambang's house before renovation. (ACTNews/Rimayanti)

Before taking care of goats, Bambang worked as a carpenter. Unfortunately, in 2009, he had an accident at work. All four of his fingers had to be amputated due to being hit by a wood-cutting machine.

He lost his job after that incident. Now, he works odd jobs, including taking care of the neighbor's goat. More often, he cleaned his neighbor's land or yard.


Bambang went through a pretty difficult life. His daughter, Anita, becomes an encouragement amid his difficulties. He continues to strive so that Anita can continue to go to school. Likewise, Anita wants to make Bambang happy give him a decent house.

The benefactors made one of Bambang and Anita's dreams come true. They have been raising funds since last December 2020 and implemented it through Global Zakat-ACT Tasikmalaya. "I always pray every time. Honestly, I never thought that I would get house assistance,” concluded Bambang. []