Bank Nagari Collaborates with Global Wakaf to Manage Waqf Funds

Together with 16 other nazirs (administrator of waqf), Padang City Government and Nagari Bank trusted Global Wakaf to manage waqf funds. ACT and 16 other nazirs will maximize the waqf funds in the productive sector with aspirations of realizing a civil society.

The signing of a memorandum of understanding
The signing of a memorandum of understanding for waqf management in Padang City. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PADANG – The Padang City Government and PT Bank Nagari collaborated with Global Wakaf and 16 other waqf management institutions to manage waqf funds. The signing of the memorandum of understanding was carried out directly by the President Director of Bank Nagari Muhammad Irsyad with Branch Manager of Global Wakaf West Sumatra Aan Saputra at the Kyriad Bumi Minang Hotel Hall, Tuesday (10/26/2021) and also 16 other institutions appointed as nazir.

Hendra Septa, Mayor of Padang, in his speech said that the memorandum of understanding between Bank Nagari and 17 waqf management institutions was a form of collaboration between the government, banks, and Nazir to support the improvement of the sharia economic ecosystem in Padang and broadly in West Sumatra.

Muhammad Roosli Silalahi from Global Wakaf Regional team in Central Sumatra says Global Wakaf is committed to producing Productive Waqf programs to improve people's welfare. Goodwill projects have also been prepared, such as Waqf Rice Barn, Lumbung Air Wakaf, Waqf Livestock Barn, Productive Rice Waqf, and others.

"Global Wakaf is committed to launching Productive Waqf programs to improve welfare. Hence, it will create a civil society following the expectations of the people of Padang City," said Roosli.

The waqf funds managed by 17 nazirs in Padang came from the community, civil servants, Bank Nagari employees, and Minang residents, both in West Sumatra and outside the region.[]