Banten Earthquake's Devastation Grows

The damage from the Banten Earthquake has increased. It damaged 2,547 houses and 95 public facilities.

ACT Emergency Response Team
ACT Emergency Response Team assists residents in cleaning up debris. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PANDEGLANG – The amount of damage caused by a magnitude 6.7 earthquake continues to rise. Based on Banten Province BPBD data January 17, 2021, at 09.00 p.m Western Indonesia Time, the number of damaged houses increased from 2,547 to 2,559, including public facilities.

Sukma Jayalaksana of ACT Banten Regional Team stated that the thousands of damaged houses were spread across 230 villages in 55 districts. The earthquake heavily damaged 395 houses, moderately damaged 544 units, and lightly damaged 1,621 units.

"Pandeglang was the hardest hit, with 2,273 housing units damaged in 168 villages across 30 districts. Then, in Lebak Regency, the earthquake damaged 274 houses in 155 villages across 19 districts. Serang Regency had ten houses damaged in five villages across four districts, and Tangerang Regency had three houses damaged in two villages," Sukma stated on Tuesday (1/18/2022).

Sukma added, the disaster also destroyed dozens of public facilities: 51 schools, 16 health centers, 20 places of worship, five government offices, and three stalls. 

"Residents, whose houses were heavily damaged and uninhabitable, fled to relatives' or neighbors' houses at night and returned in the afternoon," Sukma explained.

The current needs of the victims are masks, ready-to-eat meals, mineral water, vitamins, blankets, tarps, and carpets. In addition, they also need psychosocial assistance for residents, especially children, who are traumatized by the earthquake.[]