Becoming a WMUM Assistant, Husna Encourages the Advancement of MSMEs in Tasikmalaya

Once a month, traders at the Masjid Muhajirin Canteen, Tasikmalaya City will gather to discuss about business and spirituality. Husna Widiana from DKM Masjid Al Muhajirin endeavors to encourage business progress, he considers program as an opportunity to do dawah.

Monthly gathering of the Waqf for Micro Business Capital Beneficiaries in Tasikmalaya. (ACTNews / Rimayanti)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – In Al-Muhajirin Mosque Canteen, there are five stalls from which the customers can choose. Located on Jl. Saptamarga No. 46 Tasikmalaya City, the canteen was quite busy on Wednesday (12/23) that afternoon. The sellers there were busy serving their respective customers.

However, the atmosphere will be different after the customers are finished with the order. They will come back together to chat and share knowledge related to knowledge and increase their capacity in buying and selling. Once a month the traders in the Masjid Muhajirin canteen do this.

Together with them, Husna Widiana was entrusted by Global Wakaf - ACT Tasikmalaya to accompany them. Armed with experience, Husna has been accompanying the beneficiaries of the Micro Business Capital Waqf program since three months ago.

Global Waqf - ACT's trust in Husna is in accordance with one of the urgencies of the Micro Business Capital Waqf program which aims to make the mosque the center of civilization and the revival of the people's economy. Incidentally Husna is also a board member of the DKM Masjid Al Muhajirin. Thus, q the benefits of this program can be multiplied, both for the beneficiaries and for the mosque itself

Husna talking with the Tasikmalaya ACT Team. (ACTNews / Rimayanti)

Husna himself admitted that he was interested in the Micro Business Capital Waqf program because there was a value of da'wah contained in it. And the value of this syiar is reflected in various activities, one of which is through training. "In the past, there were also those who wanted to cooperate with this mosque regarding this capital assistance, but we have the principle of wanting to broadcast Islamic teachings and goodness. So, it is not the nominal seen, but blessings that arise from all forms of activities carried out, "said Husna.

They also try to keep improving. Like this together to try selling online. Only a few sellers are able to market their business online. Slowly Husna continues to encourage them by providing education so that when they enter the virtual world, their sales activities can be maximized.

Apart from seeing the physical changes in his sales, Husna was also aware of the spiritual development of the merchants. "Alhamdulillah, now, apart from physical changes such as the wheels (wagons), they were not proper, so they are good and easy to see. There are also non-physical changes, namely spiritual changes that thank God are visible. Here there is also a routine recitation every Saturday, those who are free to often attend too, "he added.

Husna hopes that with the presence of this Micro Business Capital Waqf, these business actors will not only become beneficiaries but also beneficiaries, and also this program is evenly carried out in various mosques in Tasikmalaya. "In the future, we hope that these business actors can also contribute to its distribution. The program can also be evenly distributed in every mosque and hopefully later it can reach other business actors who really need capital elsewhere, "concluded Husna. []