Benefactors' Alms Help Palestinians Rebuild Their Houses

With donations from Indonesian benefactors, ACT team has started to reconstruct the Palestinians’ houses that were damaged by the previous Israeli aggression. The houses are expected to be completed and occupied within the next month.

Palestinian recovery.
The reconstruction process of a damaged Gazan’s house. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Khalid Zayed Asyarfa told ACT Palestine team that his house was damaged by Israel’s missile last May. the living room, kitchen, children’s bedroom, and toilet are severely damaged by the attack. The electricity has also been cut off. Moreover, Zayed had also lost his precious oldest son who was killed when he was learning in his bedroom.

“I pray to Allah, hoping for a benefactor who can help us so that we can live in this place again,” said Zayed to ACT team. Zayed’s family has been living with no specific direction since the incident. He and his family have lost their house to live in.

Said Mukaffiy from ACT’s Global Humanity Response explained that as an effort to help Zayed’s family, at the end of August, ACT Palestine team has started the reconstruction process for Zayed’s house.

As the initial stage, the construction team had to tear down the remaining walls of Zayed's house since it was very fragile. "So we tear down the wall, then we will rebuild it with stronger bricks. Insha Allah, it will be very safe for Zayed and his children to live in," said Said.

Zayed is not the only beneficiary, ACT also reconstructs a number of Gazans’ houses that were destroyed including Hasan Sheikh's house. His house reconstruction is not as much as Zayed's. Hasan's house, in the Al-Remal area, now has new walls and installed door frames which have been painted by ACT’s construction team.

Said explains that although the construction level is different for each house, each beneficiary receives the same facility which is a solar panel to fulfill their families’ electricity needs.[]