BERISI Delivers Rice to Pondok Tahfiz Alam Maroko in Bandung

Located in West Bandung Regency, the Islamic Boarding School for those who want to memorize the Quran received rice from the BERISI program.

Students and Teachers at Pondok Tahfiz Alam Maroko received rice packages from ACT. (ACTNews/Oby)

ACTNews, BANDUNG BARAT REGENCY – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) West Java partnered with Bekam Rukyah Center (BRC) in distributing a ton of rice to students and teachers at Pondok Tahfiz Alam Maroko, Cihampelas, West Bandung Regency, Thursday (1/16), as part of the Rice for Indonesian Santri (BERISI) program.

ACT West Java Program Team Coordinator Adi Nurdiansyah explained, Pondok Tahfiz Alam Maroko was chosen because many the of the students come from underprivileged families. "They rely on assistance from others to fulfill their daily needs," Adi said. The rice brought by the team benefitted 45 students and 10 teachers in this Islamic Boarding School.

The rice distribution was warmly welcomed by the principal of Pondok Tahfiz Alam Maroko. Ustaz Abi, the principal of Pondok Tahfiz Alam Maroko was grateful for the BERISI program. "Alhamdulillah. Thank you ACT West Java and BRC who have assisted our Islamic programs and also the students and teachers in our school," said Ustadz Abi.

Pondok Tahfiz Alam Maroko Islamic Boarding School is a place of learning for students who want to memorize the Quran. Not only that, this school also teaches 57 other subjects, physical education and sports, and other soft skills for the students. This Islamic boarding school applies the principle of natural school which Islamic pedagogy with outdoor learning.

Hopefully, the BERISI program can support the educational activities in Pondok Tahfiz Alam Maroko. Not only that, the BERISI program is expected also to strengthen the struggle of all Islamic students in Indonesia for knowledge. []