Best of Charity in Times of Adversity

In these difficult times, Islam teaches its people to continue being charitable. As a form to further boost the community’s generosity, Global Wakaf – ACT held an event named Bekasi Berwakaf.

The speakers at Bekasi Berwakaf. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, BEKASI CITY - When the pandemic finally hits Indonesia, many businesses faced a decline in turnover. Some even went out of business, forcing them to lay off some of their employees. Amid the difficult times, Islam teaches its adherents to continue doing acts of charity.

"What is extraordinary for us is that Islam is the only religion that teaches that the best almsgiving is alms given in difficult times. This is not about the logic, nor about account balances nor how much money we have. This is about faith,” said ACT President Ibnu Khajar on Saturday (12/20).

Therefore, it is our shared responsibility to come up with solutions. “This is our chance to do acts of righteousness. If we can only blame and point our fingers at one another, by Allah, this is not what Allah tells us to do. Allah wants each of us to be driven to act to solve the problems, not to pointing out mistakes and blame one another, "continued Ibnu.

Ustaz Zulfikarullah, one of the speakers at the event said that waqf is a complement to our acts of worship that deals with wealth. Waqf literally means to hold or stop. Ustaz Zulfikarullah further illustrates that when we pause when we read the Quran, or when we perform wuquf in Arafah during hajj, it perfects our acts of worship.

"This is also the case with our property. If we spend our wealth for various expenses without holding one or some portions of it to be endowed, our wealth can’t be perfected. Waqf is a platinum instrument of charity in Islam. It benefits not only oneself but also other humans," said Ustaz Zulfikarullah.

Praying with the waqf donors. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

It was the kindness that is trying to be boosted by Global Wakaf - ACT Bekasi City on that day. In addition to educating the public about waqf through the event, Global Wakaf – ACT Bekasi also provides an opportunity for the participants to participate in building waqf wells at seven locations throughout Bekasi City that have been suffering from water crisis. IDR 350,000,000 was raised from the participants of the event.

"I pray that we all be blessed. Don’t stop today because we still have time and each of us can still increase our charity. Thank you. We pray that a portion of your wealth that has been donated and what remains will be blessed and Allah will repay them with something much greater,” concluded Ibnu. []